Wi Fi Speed Up Hacks

It is really frustrating to have a very slow internet connection. This gets worse if you need to get some things done but it requires you to go to the internet. This can get even worse if you know that you are paying for an internet connection for such a high bill but you are not getting the speed that you deserve. Fortunately, the problem can be dealt with. And this is the focus of this article. so if the PTCL speed test implies that your Wi Fi speed is so slow, then what you need to do is to keep in mind the hacks discussed below which you can then utilize to solve your internet connection speed problems.

Always Keep Your System Up to Date

A slow Wi Fi connection may be caused by an outdated internet system. If your router, the wirings, and the cables do not keep up with the current demands of the latest wireless connections, then the connection speed may suffer. So what you should do is to always keep the system of your wireless connection as up to date as possible.

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System Location May Be the Key

In general, different areas have different internet connection strengths. The more urban areas can have really strong internet speeds while the rural areas can have really slow and weak net connections. That is the general case when we are considering large areas.

Now, if we will be considering as small area, a household for instance, then the same principles can still apply. For example, in your own home, there can be spots when the internet signal is strong and also areas when the internet connection is really weak. So if your Wi Fi is suffering from a slow internet, then the problem may be the location of the Wi Fi system. So try to experiment within your home by moving the Wi Fi system. Determine the spot where the Wi Fi is really super strong.

However, if you have done everything that you could and still fail to find a good Wi Fi spot with fast internet connection, then you may opt to just use a Wi Fi extender to extend your wireless connection, which is discussed in the next section.

If Signal is the Issue then Extend Your Wireless Connection

You can use a Wi Fi extender to boost the signal strength of your wireless router. Do this especially if you are in an area with low signal strength and far from the cell sites. With this, you will be able to improve your internet speed by having a better signal for your router. Afterwards, use the PTCL speed test to check if the internet speed in your case has improved.