What Is A Moneylender?

What Is A Moneylender?


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Mr Vikram Nair, a lawyer and an MP for Sembawang GRC who sits on the Government Parliamentary Committee for Home Affairs and Law, said he is not sure if licensed moneylenders should be completely prohibited from operating in the heartland but he supports the recommendations made by the advisory committee.

As she was unable to repay the principal amount within a month, the moneylenders told her to renew the loan by paying 14 per cent of the loan amount (10 per cent administration fees and 4 per cent monthly interest), so that additional time could be given to her to make full payment.

The firm, Resource Credit, also imposed 10 per cent administrative fees based on the $1.55 million amount rather than the actual principal sum, a High Court judge exclaimed in his judgment on Friday (July 7) as he ruled in favour of the borrower, Ms Ang Ai Tee.

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