Vacuum Cleaner “No Loss of Suction” Claims Are Meaningless

While a vacuum producer claims that their vacuums characteristic “no loss of suction,” it does not without a doubt mean some thing whilst comparing vacuums! They may be regularly speakme about “sealed suction.” sealed suction is measured with the air consumption completely closed and no airflow.

With no airflow, not one of the dust will make it from the vacuum head to the vacuum bag or container. So airflow is simply as critical if now not greater critical than whether or not the vacuum claims to have outstanding “no loss of suction” functionality. Whether a vacuum is going to drag the maximum dust out of your carpet or no longer is truely a mixture of sucking strength plus airflow. Many vacuum manufacturers now make “no loss of suction” claims, but maximum of them also lose airflow!

What about vacuums which can lift a bowling ball? Don’t they provide the maximum powerful suction? Might not they do a better process of cleaning my carpet? Lifting a bowling ball with a vacuum is honestly a parlor trick. The easy suction of a suction cup can lift weights extra than a bowling ball with none strength in any respect. It’s miles the suction connection and not the suction electricity that includes the weight. Vacuums that put it on the market that they can elevate a bowling ball are simply trying to dazzle you with hype.

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If you cover a vacuum’s filter with dirt, the vacuum will clog and prevent the airflow. So irrespective of what the claims are approximately a vacuum’s “no loss of suction” capability, in the long run they all clog and stop vacuuming. What you want is a aggregate of suction power and airflow to insure you get a vacuum that will meet your cleansing needs.

Airflow is an important specification to evaluate whilst choosing a vacuum cleanser. Airflow is usually measured in cubic toes of air in step with minute (cfm) and measures how a great deal air is flowing thru your vacuum’s gadget. All other specs being identical, a vacuum with a higher cfm will generally do a higher job of eliminating dirt from a carpet.

There are other vital specs that you could use to examine vacuums which include water-carry functionality and amperage, but lack of suction strength is not some thing you really want to examine.

Compare airflow in cfm and purchase a canister vacuum with a specification of one hundred cfm or greater or an upright vacuum with 60 cfm or greater.

A extraordinary airflow coupled together with your average 10 to 12 amp vacuum will do the process just excellent with none hype.

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