The importance of an agency capable of translating long texts

We have much experience in translation services of large projects: the specialization of the Agency in the long and complex texts configures as the ideal resource for translating large files.

Process of a large translation project

The first phase of our modus operandi consists, generally, in developing a comprehensive glossary of terms that are specific to the materials of the customer. The glossary translated, which is used throughout the translation process, is subject to progressive additions of terms. The process of creating the glossary is maintained by the responsible for the content, which distributes it to all the team and maintains it over time.

When the glossary is approved by the customer, the project manager sends the text, the glossary and any considerations on the sidelines, for integration in the process of translating long texts, to our team. Once translated, the materials are sent to the project manager for evaluation and then forwarded to the editorial team for a thorough examination.

The editor will compare the translated text with the original to ensure accuracy and proper use of grammar, spelling, syntax, terminology and style. As soon as the project manager (project leader) has finished examining the changes that have been made by the editor, it will send the text to the content manager. The latter, bilingual and with skills in both the source and target language of the project, together with an expert will focus essentially on the revision of terminology.

The overhaul also ensures that the document is free of imperfections of grammar or spelling.

Once the exam is completed by the person responsible for the content, the translated text will eventually be returned to the project manager for the final quality assessment. After that, the project manager delivers the file to the account manager (responsible for the customer) and authorizes the delivery of the project. As stated on the page “our Chinese translation rates“, delivery times are another key component in determining the price. In fact, projects with shorter maturities will necessarily be more expensive, as they assume a tighter use of our resources.

Quality of translation of long texts

Our editorial and technical evaluation process, rigorous and comprehensive ensures absolute precision, consistency and adequacy of the translated material. Our customers can rest assured, company is organized effectively to prevent any disruption in the translations of large projects and ensure consistent and superior quality products to those who turn to it.