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What is the Financial Translation?

Financial translation economic translation can also be called, and is mainly characterized by being one in which you work with economic-financial documents.

Financial texts contain a high amount of technical references and legal terms. Therefore, they require great knowledge which are only available to persons who are experts in finance.

It should be noted that if you make a mistake in a financial translation can lead to serious consequences for the company, including major economic losses.

Within this specialty, purely financial documents, such as an annual balance of accounts of a company can be found. Since it contains a perfectly defined terminology. Similarly, there are also documents that require one much greater specialization and a very high knowledge of the sector.

We refer, for example, to documents related to insurance or related to the stock market. In financial translation, there are extremely specific terms that just dominate and are recognized when the professional translator is actually used explicitly with these fields. Without a doubt, this requires a personal liking of the translator for this specialty.

Financial texts are varied and include, for example, from the documentation which is up to everything related with investment funds, to the accounts of a company.

Most of these documents should be submitted according to the law to the shareholders, relevant agencies or investors in a mutual fund. Today and every day, companies that create this kind of text act in several countries, so it is essential to its translation into various languages.

As mentioned above, the legal and financial translation are closely linked. Countless financial texts contain a high legal component.

Put another way, they contain legal terms related to the framework of a company or sector-specific regulation. Any document of a financial nature, understand or not legal terms, boasts the participation of a specialized financial translator for the correct translation between two languages.

We must point out that the economic translation covers a broad field of work. Among the clients who apply for legal translations we find companies of all sectors, from the industrial to the service.

Thus, a good translator must be knowledgeable of the terminology of fields like computer science, right or industry, in addition to having much experience in the economic area.

In occasions the translation services, such as translation agencies, they perform projects in which in a same document contains terms related to various areas.

For this reason it is so important that a Translation Services – Company as Translations Mars work with various experts and translators specialized in different sectors..

 Financial translations-related documents.

  • External audits
  • Internal audits
  • Balance sheets
  • Communications with customers
  • Press releases
  • Accounting
  • Contracts
  • Annual accounts
  • Statements of income
  • Tax returns
  • Registration documents
  • Financial statements
  • Articles of Association
  • Market studies
  • Mutual funds