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Puzzle Toys – those are usually puzzles with treats interior them. They inspire the parrot to resolve the puzzle to earn the treat. a few are simple lids on bins and a few are complex and require the parrot to unscrew nuts from bolts to open a deal with holder.

workout Toys – those are usually earrings or ladders that inspire your parrot to climb, grasp, or swing.

greedy Toys – those are “hand” held toys and different toys that encourage your parrot to keep them at the same time as playing with them. This encourages your parrot to workout its “palms”.

bite Toys – these are for shredding. They preserve your parrot’s beak trim.

Preening Toys – these are typically placing toys that encourage your parrot to preen them. The theory is that in case your hen preens it’s toys then it will likely be recommended to preen itself. Preening is necessary to your parrot to hold healthy feathers.

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3 – important Toy safety problems

There are several things to avoid while shopping for or making toys. these encompass protection troubles together with your parrot ingesting the toy and different bodily safety issues. some materials to avoid consist of poisonous inks, staples, rubber, Styrofoam, gentle plastic and costume jewelry. those items are capability dangerous items if your parrot ingests them. There also are items that pose a physical risk. these gadgets encompass key-chain earrings, frayed ropes, and a crowded cage. Key chain earrings can probably get caught on you parrot’s beak or their nails. Frayed ropes also are doubtlessly risky in case your parrot’s ft get tangled in the frayed ends. eventually, a crowded cage may be dangerous if your parrot doesn’t have room to unfold its wings.


leather-based strips are often used to tie toy parts collectively. in case you’re the usage of your very own leather-based strips then make certain they are now not dyed, tanned, or handled in any manner. If there is a doubt then don’t use it. Glue is regularly used to glue toy parts together consisting of Popsicle sticks. make certain you use a non-poisonous glue along with youngster-secure glues in case you use glue and use as little as viable.