Experience with a high class escort

First, I am married and my work email address directly identifies me, therefore, I am posting anonymously. Second, I am not a frequent escort client and I may never post another review. I will leave that to you “wild and crazy guys.” I am posting this review about Donna because I believe she deserves it. She is the best among the high class escorts I have come across. I had the pleasure of seeing her last week in London. She was running a few minutes late so while waiting in the lounge of the hotel, I was able to observe her as she was entering. My first impression was a well-dressed and classy woman. My second impression was an exotic beauty with gorgeous long hair.


I also noticed that she had a natural unforced sensuality. When I met her in the room, she was very friendly and I felt as if we already knew each other. She is very easy to talk to, and we both shared some personal information before and during our session. This woman, while being very curvy, also seems tiny. The weight and texture of her hair make it really special. She knows how to use her hair to make you feel surrounded by her. It is quite comforting. Her body has a softness that also envelops you. She is very affectionate and has the ability to appear sexually knowledgeable, (which she obviously is) and naive at the same time.

Yes, she gives a GFE and it was one that I did not want to end. Like a professional high class escort of London, she has a complexity that enhances the experience. While I will never be able to afford it, I would love to spend a weekend with her. I had to drive two hours to Atlanta to see her and it was worth it. Although constraints of time and money will prevent me from seeing her as often as I would like, I will see her as often as I can. By the way, her pictures on her site do not do her justice. Only two or three really come close.