Bose QuietComfort 25

The lifestyle of every person in the modern world is directly related to the choice of best noise cancelling headphones. For people who often travel, are on frequent trips, spend hours playing computer games, avid music lovers or people who like silence, just created Bose QC25 headphones of impressive size, we will talk about them.

Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones is an excellent option from Bose with active noise reduction function, which can open completely different side of the sound. These headphones collected all the brand features, such as laconism, severity and solidity. Suitable for almost everyone.

QuietComfort 25 is the heir of the Bose QC15 model, the main difference from which is the ability to work with a worn out battery, improved noise reduction algorithms and slightly altered sound.

Bluetooth headphones


  • headphones;
  • Case for headphones;
  • adapter for flights with airplane;
  • documentation;
  • battery AAA.


Bose QC25 is one of the best noise cancelling headphones of 2017 are silence in combination with comfort – two main qualities. So what is the so-called comfort?

The rim is made of metal and has a lining in the center covered with a cloth. Rollers on the headband are made of an artificial hypoallergenic material, the so-called “protein skin”, which is a couple of times stronger for external influences than eco-leather.

The acoustic fabric on the speakers is bright enough, this is the only nuance in the strict version of the model. It looks pretty appropriate and performs the function of an indicator to distinguish the left earpiece from the right. Headphones perfectly sit on the head. The bezel is not felt at all, the nozzles do not press, as they are very soft.

BOSE improved the inner zone above the speakers, now there is a maximum of space in this zone, so the ears fit there completely. Headphones can be worn for hours and even sleep in them. To adjust the height of the cups, you need, like in the previous model, to pull them down or up, which makes their use very convenient. Headphones are firmly attached to the head.

The new headphones differ from the previous ones with improved technologies and a different headband design. The model has the ability to fold inward and then retracts into the cover.

This model has a huge advantage over the previous headphones in that even when the batteries are worn, you can continue to listen to music, the only one, the noise suppression function will not be active.

Also, there is a fairly convenient cable, through which the volume and playback are controlled. As before, this best noise cancelling headphones includes a microphone and three buttons. The cable is rather dense, and it is very difficult to confuse it.