Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT

All best Bluetooth headphones promise bass and drive – and these promise an honest sound. Do they really work?

The prehistory of these headphones is as follows. The ATH-MSR7 model from Audio-Technica gained so many fans that the company decided to make more accessible versions – wired and wireless, SR5 and SR5BT.

Audio-Technica announced these headphones on CES 2016 , but so far this is a real exclusive. In Russia, now only a few of these models, and all exclusively for the press. Official sales have not yet begun, but I personally predict a price of 7 to 10 thousand rubles.

What is their chip?

Personally, I think that the chip is in 38 hours (!!!) of autonomous work. But the essence, of course, in the sound .

Audio-Techinca has been promoting its vision of portable audio for several years. The ATH-SR5BT is being promoted under the slogan “Hi-Res anywhere” – and it matches well.

bluetooth headphones

This model offers a “different” sound: clean, bright, airy . With bass without uterine trembling. With crystal clear vocals, as if they were singing before you . This sound is not like the one we managed to get used to under the influence of a dozen other wireless headphones. It uses a Bluetooth connection, so hated by audiophiles.

ATH-SR5BT are aimed at those who are unhappy with the sound of popular Bluetooth headphones as a list on  and want to find a bit of “monitorability” in the sea of ​​killer bass of street headphones. Naturally, there is a microphone, you can use it as a headset.

What’s inside and how it works

ATH-SR5BT are built on the basis of a successful wired model without major changes in the engineering part (ATH-SR5). For sound, 45-mm speakers of closed design with a resistance of 35 ohms are responsible .

Many will not notice anything interesting in this, but personally I see (and I hear) a small gap from competitors. After all, most have 40-mm speakers. Plus 5 mm dynamics = more potential for revealing the details of the tracks of your favorite music library. Still, size matters.

“Increased” speakers can not be noticed by design – the headphones are very small, the most portable. Where there is hidden such a powerful battery, I will not put my mind to it.

The main and key difference from the younger model is the presence of a Bluetooth module 4.1 . The distance is about 10 meters, the norm for the industry. There is an NFC-connection module, which, of course, is non-packaging for Apple hardware owners.

Here is another important point: here there is support for aptX – the technology of the most accurate transmission of music without loss in quality or detail. It best reveals itself when listening to uncompressed tracks in .FLAC, .AAC and so on formats. Therefore Audio-Technica writes about Hi-Res in promo materials.

It is a pity that the standard itself is not involved in the iPhone. To work this chip is suitable for any more or less high-quality smart on Android or just a MacBook.

With all this, the ATH-SR5BT manages to work as much as 38 hours in the music playback mode – and up to 1000 hours just to be turned on. I do not know how the manufacturer managed to achieve such a return (I’m sure BT 4.1 helped in this). But the result is actually one of the top in the market.

Most of us will be enough to charge these headphones just one time a week, even during everyday use.